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                              SAN FERNANDO COMMUNITY WITH THE 2016 TELETÓN
                              teleton videoParticipate, donate , help!
                              December 2 and 3

                              LA COMUNIDAD SAN FERNANDO CON LA TELETÓN 2016
                              ¡Participa, dona, ayuda!
                              2 y 3 de Diciembre

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                              Exposition about Roald Dahl: Life and work

                              roald dahlIn the commemoration of the century of the famous British novelist, our 5th and 6th grade students enjoyed Roald Dahl´s biography and best known titles. 

                              Exposición de vida y obra del escritor Roald Dahl

                              En conmemoración al centenario del famoso escritor inglés, nuestros estudiantes de 5° y 6° básico disfrutaron de la biografí­a y obras más reconocidas del autor.

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                              First Aid Training
                              primeros auxiliosA group of school staff recently participated in a First Aid training certified course dictated by the Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS)
                              The purpose of the activity was:
                              1. 1.To train participants with hands-on activities to develop skills to react effectively in case of an emergency while specialized medical help arrives.
                              2. 2.To prevent worsening injuries by ineffective treatment.
                              Teachers and staff acquired a higher level of knowledge about first aid and spent a fun afternoon while learning with their peers.

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                              Teleton 2016 Ambassador
                              imagen01With great pride and love, we present the 2016 Teletón Ambassador and his family:
                              Vicente Jopia (2nd A)
                              Alvaro Jopia (5th A)
                              Marlene Pérez
                              José Jopia
                              This year’s event brings a tremendous challenge as a Community. We are sure we will make it and become a better Colegio San Fernando.
                              A BIG HUG!

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                              Visit to the Jewish Museum
                              museo judioLast Friday  September 9th, the 9th grade class was protagonist of a unique new experience: the visit to the Jewish Interactive Museum, in which our students could see pictures, videos with testimonials of jewishs who later arrived to Chile and are related to the Jewish Holocaust during the totalitarian period comanded by Adolf Hitler.
                              During this pedagogical experience, the students also worked with the Human Rights Declaration. Based on this, they evaluated the human rights situation during the Holocaust in order to collaborate with the devlopment of consiousness about their importance. All based on the formulation of a proposal for the respect of the human rights on the school.
                              Thus, Colegio San Fernando demonstrates it’s compromise with the community, with citizenship and with the respect for people’s Rigths.

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